Releases trailer of 'Figght'

“Futture X Production Releases trailer of ‘Figght’ Marathi Film”

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Futture X Production which was conceived by Mr. Lalit Oswaal has released the Trailer of their first Marathi Feature Film ‘Figght’. The Film is based on a true sequence of stories that happened in Satara. ‘Figght’ trailer was released on 22nd December, 2018 through their official Youtube Channel.

An intense, passionate struggle of sweat and tears in the boxing ring. An intense, passionate journey of love, money, pride. Blood, sweat, and tears of a farmer’s son for the boxing ring. Will the untapped potential of farmer’s son triumph in a boxing ring or he will succumb to the money, pride and love? Will a punch in the boxing ring will heal a wounded heart of farmer’s son?

The song of the movie was also released through Everest Marathi.

Movie: Figght (2019) | फाईट

Producer: Lalit Oswaal

Director: Jimmy Moray

Studio: Future X Production

Star Cast:

Jeet Moray | Suresh Vishwakarma | Madhav Abhyankar | Sayali Joshi | Purva Shinde | Anup Ingale | Prasad Surve

Story, Screenplay and Dialogues: Swapnil Mahaling

Singer: Ajay Gogawale

Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar

Sound Design: Rashi Butte

Music: Swapnil Godbole and Vickie Saxena

Background Score: Praful Karlekar

Cinematography (DOP): Suneel Borkar and Nishant Bhagwat

Editor: Shashank Shah

Line Producer: Chetan Pardeshi

Action Master: Feroz Khan

VFX Supervisor: Prasad Chavan and Abhay Thakur

Post-Production: Dream Catcher Studio

Digital Promotions: ProLinkage & Design Studios

Pune and Mumbai DI Colorist: Tushar Mone

DI Producer: Abhay Thakur

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 11th January 2019

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