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Figght Marathi Movie is making heads turn | Futture X Production | Jimmy Moray | Jeet

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An intense, passionate struggle of sweat and tears in the boxing ring. An intense, passionate journey of love, money, pride. Blood, sweat, and tears of a farmer’s son for the boxing ring. Will the untapped potential of farmer’s son triumph in a boxing ring or he will succumb to the money, pride and love? Will a punch in the boxing ring will heal a wounded heart of farmer’s son?

Jimmy Moray’s Upcoming Marathi Movie ‘Figght’ produced by Futture X Production(Lalit Oswaal) released its trailer recently and is creating buzz on social media as well as in news. The Movie is slated to release on 11th January 2019 across all theatres in Maharashtra. The movie’s teaser got viral on social media and got into a controversy related to the dialogue “Satyaryaat mich chalto”(I am the King of Satara). Supporters of Udyanraje Bhosale damaged the vehicles of the crew members of the movie ‘Figght’ while they were on a promotional tour of the movie across Satara.

This upcoming Marathi movie has created a lot of buzz across Maharashtra and slated to release soon. The teaser was well received and appreciated by members of media as well as viewers across social media.

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