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Futture X Production which was an idea conceived by Mr. Lalit Oswaal in 2015 to bring about creative ideas of new storytellers in the Indian Film Industry. Mr. Deven Oswaal who works as the Head of Operations at Futture X Production is actively involved in the selection of ideas, working on intrinsic Production details and putting the project together. Futture X Production is about to introduce new ideas in Marathi Film Industry which encompasses the genres of Drama, Action, Comedy as well as Fantasy. Marathi Film Industry shall see its first of a Kind Action Romance Drama in the form of 'Figght' which releases on 11th January, 2019.

Marathi Film Industry is going through a remarkable change with new ideas pouring in and Futture X Production believes in enhancing the wave of change. Mr. Lalit Oswaal the founder, Chairman of Futture X Production believes in creating films which have a balance of creative ideas that appeals to the masses.

'Figght' is the amalgamation of many ideas coming together. 'Figght' was shot across 2018 and is up for release within 8 months of its shoot. We at Futture X Production look forward to contribute to the change in Marathi Film Industry.

If you or your organization have a story to tell, an idea to share or word to spread, the Futture X Production can help you bring it to life.
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Mr. Lalit Oswal Founder/Chairman
Mr. Deven Oswal Head of Operations
We set up teams to shape your identity, push your idea and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.
Futture X Production was an idea conceived by Mr. Lalit Oswaal in 2015 to induce new ideas in the Marathi Industry. Futture X Production has the vision to create landmarks in Marathi Industry that shall set an inspiration to new storytellers. As he puts in “Marathi Industry today needs a great balance of creative as well as commercial content in consistent capacity to survive. Also, good work needs to reach out to the masses through various channels. Its the prime responsibility of the maker that good work reaches out to every corner”.

Mr. Lalit Oswaal is a real estate tycoon who always had a keen interest in making & presenting good cinema. The Journey started as being a frequent film audience to each and every film that reaches cinema theatres. Over a period of time, it developed into a serious hobby where he started giving thought into exploring opportunities in creating films. Mr. Lalit Oswaal felt there is a need to help new storytellers with a platform that gives them support to delve, nurture & execute their ideas that reaches the right people not limited to a particular region. ‘Figght’ is Futture X Production’s first feature Marathi presentation which shall have an international release not limited to Maharashtra keeping with the vision of the company. We look forward to presenting more opportunities in near future for storytellers & Filmmakers.

Mr. Deven Oswaal has been an integral part of Futture X Production since the business idea was in the incubation period. Right from mobilizing people, choosing content, looking at intrinsic details he has been a quick learner at a very young age. An Undergraduate with a keen eye for filmmaking & producing, he has always been an avid cinema watcher. He overlooks all the backend as well as frontend work related to cinema. Mr. Deven Oswaal looks forward to creating a dynamic production house that works with an idea from start to the point it reaches theatres.
He feels Marathi Industry needs a 360 Degree Solution for Production of Feature Films wherein an Idea is incubated, innovated, nurtured and executed under the same umbrella so that it doesn’t lose its way. He looks forward to contributing his bit to Indian Cinema through Futture X Production.
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Futture X Production delves into Production Design, Creation as well as Distribution of Content across various Mediums.
We help creators produce content for various mediums including Films, Short Films, Online Content as well as Advertisements.
Futture X Production helps creators monitor and curate their content through our Pre-Post Production Infrastructure. We help creators achieve the results with the best Pre-Post Production setups in the market.
Futture X Production believes good work should reach the right people in the right timeframe. We at Futture X Production take great pleasure to have worked with the best people in the industry to deliver content across right channels for actionable visitors.